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Studying at WNoŻiR was an amazing experience (Erasmus +) 07.03.2016 13:47

Everything started when I saw that there is going to be some Erasmus meeting in my home university. Hmm.. Instantly had the intuitive feeling that it's worth it to attend the meeting. The red lamp in my head "interesting" blinked.

Before that honestly i didn't knew much about Erasmus, didn't pay much attention about any programs similar to Erasmus. Just passed through the door of The Erasmus centre, always catching a glimpse of it with distrust. But this meeting just caught my attention! Went there and the ladies that were working there explained us all the important stuff. Try to get us informed and encouraged us to make a step and join this amazing full of adventures experience!

I took the opportunity and made a huge step in my life. Thank God everything went more than good. I arrived at Szczecin, Poland. City that's going to stay in my heart! Amazing place, so close to the see.. City and place that I'm always going to relate to great memories with great people. 5 Amazing months. It was worth it! All the knowledge that accomplished there was worth it. 

I've never been living in a dormitory with somebody, had the chance to experience that, it’s amazing, getting along with totally unknown person who becomes your friend for such a short time.. Met a lot of people, from all over the world, so colourful so interesting, study in foreign country in the centre of Europe, having the chance to visit so many places.. Poland, more than amazing country, the time that I spent there and the people that I met.. I'll remember it and definitely want to go again..

Want to advise all the young people and students.. Just go for it, you won't regret! Szczecin and Poland as a country or if you want take any other place, just Join Erasmus and experience not only what's like to study in different country, among different people with totally different language and culture. That’s opportunity to meet new people and to have a life experience!

Think about it!

Zdravka Yordanova